I would like to thank all entrants to Color It Red 2017. As usual, the entries were plentiful and the quality was great! So great in fact, that it took some extra time to jury the contest.

But, the results are in and besides the winners listed below, we have added some of the best images to fill out this year’s Color It Red 2017 Gallery.

Winners: Susan Brandt Graham (Featured/Cover Photographer), Barbara Collins, Catherine Fairchild, Amy Ditto, Mara Zaslove, Dolph Miller, Jack Crary, and Elsa d’Ellis (Showcase Portfolios), David Blanchard, Monica Cioffi, Tony Gonzalez, Robert Hecht, Willa Davis, Rick Kattleman, Jarmo Honkanen, Chester Ng, Diane Linscott, and Carla Berger (Single Image Showcase).

The Color It Red 2017 Gallery: