Red Dog News offers a gift solution

Man Carrying TreeAfter many years of fretting what I was going to buy my partner, Ann, I decided quite a few months ago to start shopping early in the year for Christmas. I don’t know about your partner, but shopping for mine is a definite challenge. Previously, we used to exchange ideas for gifts around Thanksgiving.

So, this year around Thanksgiving as we were settled in one evening, she asked me for my list, which I handed her. She then asked if I wanted her list. I smiled and said, “Not this year, I’m good.” She gave me a quizzical look.

For the first time in my life, I wasn’t challenged to find items in a short amount of time. I didn’t have to carve away time. As 2013 progressed, wheneverMistletoe Kiss I either spotted something I knew she would like, or I thought of making something for her, I picked it up or created the item almost immediately. A couple of the items are totally off-the-wall, and and don’t have much material value, but I am absolutely certain she will be very happy and suitably surprised.

I know you won’t be able to follow my plan this year, but there is always next year! Save yourself a bunch of anxiety, nerve shattering deadlines, and having to empty your wallet or max your card all at once. When you choose to follow the “pay-as-you-go” plan, the economic bite is spaced out, even though Ann and I place financial limits on gifts. I bet you feel better already, don’t you. The results could be VERY surprising!

About Tim

Tim Anderson is the former publisher/managing editor of CameraArts magazine, and now produces Red Dog News, a bi-weekly photography-related e-newsletter that goes out to more than 15,000 subscribers. He recently began publishing Shadow & Light Magazine, a PDF photography magazine featuring portfolios, articles, and much more. For his personal photography, he specializes in fine art nudes, and recently participated in the show, "1x15." He manages several photography Websites and blogs, as well as his personal site ( He has juried all around the country for Review Santa Fe, Review LA, Photo Lucida, The Center for Fine Art Photography, The Gala Awards, The Palm springs Photo Festival, etc. He is also a published poet, and recently released ( a collection of his work, "Frame of Mind."
  • Marjorie Hart

    Your partner should be grateful that you are so organized and thoughtful. good luck.

    • Tim

      Thanks, Marjorie. I appreciate the comment. Happy Holidays to you!

  • AWSchmitt

    I did the same sort of thing quite by accident. It was quite nerve racking since it was a photograph, from a charity site, and unreturnable but it worked out wonderfully… 🙂 A Happy & Wonderful 2014 to you, Ann & Red Dog News…

    • Tim

      Thanks for your comment, Andy. It’s always nice to find something that you think is just right for someone any time of the year!