What is an “art” photograph?”

A few days ago, while I was cleaning out my bookshelf, a piece of paper drifted from the top of a shelf, to the floor. It was a copy of a page from a book. I have no idea from which book it originated, but I found it interesting enough to share.

The Photograph as Art:
• Simplicity: The art in art is an art of omission
• Asymetry: Symmetry and perfection is complete, leaving nothing to be discovered; asymetry is mutation at the peak of transition.
• Innocence: The artlessness of spring conceals the raw power of innocence, growth and naturalness.
• Peace: Inner stability is the dynamic partner of subjective communication and visual contentment.
• Originality: Unfamiliar, even uncomfortable, imagery which arises from unconscious expereinces in the creator.
• Surprise: A sense of wondedr, revelation, awe. A presentation of unexpected things by familiar means.
• Mood: Volatility, a sense of theater, tension, pathos or ecstasy. A cosmic ripple of emotion.
• Maturity: Timelessness, ripeness, incontrovertible truth and, ultimately, connection to cosmic man.
• Latency: This is hidden energy and the incompleteness of potential growth, the dynamism of controlled flair, the vitality and force of an authoritative but subdued promise.
• Freedom: To be original, to have none of these listed attributes. To be symmetrical, immature, aggressive, convoluted, extrovert or self-contained but, above all, to be new and to be original.
• Sexuality: Man and the world in love, the world and the cosmos inextricably linked, man and woman unified, a voluptuous celebration of tactile virtues.
• Paradox: Duality and polarity, juxtaposition and surprise. Intuition and reason, the occident and orient interacting, female versus male.
• Relevance: Consistency and affinity to the present, coincident with space-time dimensions of past moments and memories.
• Felicity: Happiness, joy, contentment and harmony and an element of playfulness. Art for art’s delightful sake.

There you have it… art according to…. Take some time and weigh in on what you think is an appropropriate definition or description of art.

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