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In the Art Biz Coach Website Makeover audio program, Web guru Patricia Velte shares a list of items that should be on every page of your website. It’s important to make every page presentable because you never know where people will land on your site.

While you can’t control where the search engines send people, you can control where you send people on your site. Today’s newsletter is a reminder that if you’re trying to elicit a specific action through a link in an email, on a postcard, or in a flyer, you need a special page (i.e. a landing page) to make your case.

When you want people to take action, stop sending them to the home page of your website!

Home pages are often confusing and cluttered. People must figure out where to click – a costly hesitation that gets in the way of the desired action you wish them to take.

You need a landing page.

A landing page is a specific URL on the Internet where you send people to encourage action. The focus of the landing page is on the specific product, service or event you are promoting.

Maybe you are asking your list to:
• Take advantage of a sale offer
• Enroll in a class
• Sign up for your newsletter
• Order a commissioned piece of art or a set of holiday cards
• Attend an exhibition or event

Whatever the action you are seeking, a landing page is required.
• Do you wonder why people don’t stay longer on your website?
• Are you at a loss as to why your site isn’t leading to more opportunities?
• The answers to these questions may have less to do with your art than with the functionality of your website.
• In this special 80-minute program, Web designer Patricia J. Velte and I (I’m wasn’t able to hold my tongue!) share:
• Why some artists’ sites are so ugly (we’re not holding anything back!)

5 Items that must be on every page of your site:
• How to make sure your art is the star of your website
• Things we never want to see on an artist website
• 10-point task list to clean up the mess

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Tim Anderson is the former publisher/managing editor of CameraArts magazine, and now produces Red Dog News, a bi-weekly photography-related e-newsletter that goes out to more than 15,000 subscribers. He recently began publishing Shadow & Light Magazine, a PDF photography magazine featuring portfolios, articles, and much more. For his personal photography, he specializes in fine art nudes, and recently participated in the show, "1x15." He manages several photography Websites and blogs, as well as his personal site ( He has juried all around the country for Review Santa Fe, Review LA, Photo Lucida, The Center for Fine Art Photography, The Gala Awards, The Palm springs Photo Festival, etc. He is also a published poet, and recently released ( a collection of his work, "Frame of Mind."