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I have just as much of a challenge with this as, I am sure, many of you. What am I talking about? Getting the message out… to prospective collectors, to prospective galleries, to your fans, etc.

This whole computer thing was supposed to make it so much easier for us all, with ease of storage, no paper piles on the desk, and so much more efficiency. All it has done for me, however, is to create a whole new world of challenges, as well as a whole new world of opportunity. Granted, there are many articles on how to work more efficiently, and how to get more done in less time. 

As many of you know, I read a lot, I mean really… a lot! One of the magazines I subscribe to is Entrepreneur. This magazine used to be pretty schlocky, with most of its content geared toward franchise owners and “wanters.” In the last few years, however, its content has shifted to include more articles on the ins and outs of small business, and how (of course) to create a more sustainable business. In the most recent issue (January 2012), the article that caught my eye was titled, “Cultivating Visibility.” The premise of this article is most of us need help in how we approach the daunting landscape of Social Media. The author (Chris Brogan) has narrowed down your targeted efforts to five areas (left): Email, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and (of course) your blog. Here are some examples:

Email: Email marketing is still alive and well. Be brief in every message, and have only one “ask” in each email.
Twitter: Point people’s attention to what or who might help them. Sometimes you, often others.
Google+: It’s a multi-faceted social network heavily searched by the number 1 search engine in the world. Get on this now.
YouTube: It’s the number 2 search engine. Make search-term ready videos for your company or business.
Blog: This is free search juice for your website, and helps your community learn who you are at your home base.

Granted, I haven’t dropped everything to get on the bus for this one. I do understand their collective, as well as their singular, importance. I do plan to spend at least one hour each and every day on each item on the above list.

Is this post of value to you? Are you already using the above in an efficient and orderly manner? Let me know how some or all of the items on this checklist are working for you.

You should really get down to your newsstand and pick up a copy of this issue. Included articles I have already dog-eared: Belly up to the widget buffet (about Facebook page options); Power pay (mobile payment systems); Your money (the tyranny of clutter).

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