Christmas 2011: Photography Gift Wish List

So, I’m just sitting in my living room, at home, working on my laptop when I think: “Holy Grinch! It’s Chrsitmas, and I don’t have any idea what I want for Christmas.” the way my partner (the painter Ann Marquis) and I work this gift thing is that we each get one present. We used to make out a list, but that got way too constricting. I mean… how long should a be? Two items. 23. 10. Argh! Who can make that kind of a decision on such short notice? We now just obtain the one present that we think each other would like, with a very minimal price tag on it.
Then I thought, “Gee whillikers, I wonder what a few of myu closest photographer friends would want for Christmas?” So, I sent out an email, a call to arms, so to speak. I asked a few hundred of my very, very closest photo-buddies what they would want for Christmas. I didn’t give them any limits other than to say that I only wanted them to respond with one wish. A simple one. Not “World Peace.” Not a Cadillac Escalade with which to haul ALL their camera equipment. Not being able to take a one-on-one mentoring session with the photographic God/Goddess of their choice. I also suggested to not take too much time thinking about it. I wanted the answer to be spontaneous. I will add responses as I receive them.

I sent the email, and with a certain amount of bravado they responded:
Susan Burnstine: An all expense paid photo trip to Europe sponsored by Ilford so I get free film and chems, or a Canon EOS 1-D Mark IV with three great lenses??? (OK. I gave her two “wants.” You would too if you knew her!)
Helen K. Garber: A Mamiya 7 kit and the money to process and scan the film for a new book project.
Jeff Dunas: Someone to implement and manage my website, blog, newletter, e-blasts, facebook, linked-in, myspace, flickr and twitter pages, none of which I worried about a short while ago.
Beth Moon: The first thing that comes to mind would be a subscription to SilverShotz as they don’t carry it at my local bookstore anymore.
Joy Goldkind: I would love to have a print from one of my bromoil students. Really to know someone loves this process as much a I do.

About Tim

Tim Anderson is the former publisher/managing editor of CameraArts magazine, and now produces Red Dog News, a bi-weekly photography-related e-newsletter that goes out to more than 15,000 subscribers. He recently began publishing Shadow & Light Magazine, a PDF photography magazine featuring portfolios, articles, and much more. For his personal photography, he specializes in fine art nudes, and recently participated in the show, "1x15." He manages several photography Websites and blogs, as well as his personal site ( He has juried all around the country for Review Santa Fe, Review LA, Photo Lucida, The Center for Fine Art Photography, The Gala Awards, The Palm springs Photo Festival, etc. He is also a published poet, and recently released ( a collection of his work, "Frame of Mind."