• Richard Bublitz

    Great insight Tim, and the plan for an effective website is well worth the post. I’ve been following SEO for quite a number of years and enjoy first page (mostly) generic ranking for specific search terms in the Milwaukee area – for photography, portrait photography, etc. Furthermore, I have a total of 3 websites, each dealing with another aspect of photography – fine art and black & white photography, in addition to my consumer portrait photography.

    The problem I see, is in people’s need to search for any type of photography in the first place, let alone click on the link and then actually read the website content. I am constantly tweaking my meta descriptions and website content to help improve things, and still very few phone calls. Fortunately, those who do call, do so because they have all the information the need and are ready to book. These are mostly for head shot portraits.

    If you are interested in reviewing my website presence, you can “Google” (or “Bing”) my name.

    Richard Bublitz

  • Richard

    Good piece. But…
    Your latest email had a link to read more of the Epson 3880 review. It didn’t work. Instead it sent me to a page on your site telling me I should try searching for the info. Sorry, but no. I would much rather be told that there was a bad link and let it go at that rather than be told, “Hey, sorry we messed up. No you go work for it.”

    • Tim

      Just go to the Red Dog News site, and click on the link on the top of the page, Richard. That should work for you.


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