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Shadow & Light coverThe time is now!

As you can see by the image on the left (Thank you, Kimber Wallwork-Heineman for the use of this image), there is a new online (PDF) magazine, Shadow & Light, which will debut to the general public September, 1, 2014, with two free issues. It has been a long time since I published a magazine, and it just wouldn’t let me wait any longer. Shadow & Light has been in the planning stages for more than six-months, but in the thought process for a much longer time.

Granted, I have been delivering Red Dog News to your inbox for almost seven years… issue #140 will be out this Friday! Who knew?

As I conducted a great deal of research on the web, I was unable to locate a what I considered was real photography magazine. I saw many beautifully laid-out publications that had great content, excellent writing, and had great images; but they weren’t close to what I wanted to create.

In the list below you will be able to see the initial sections of the magazine, which will (of course) evolve over time. I hope you like Shadow & Light, and will purchase an annual subscription ($10/year) or individual copies ($2.25/each), beginning January 1, 2015.

Marketplace: Interview with a successful photographer highlighting what it takes to market work, effectively and efficiently

Behind the Scenes: Discussions withpeople who make photography work, but seldom receive the accolades
Bookstores, Galleries, Publishers, Workshops, etc.

Eyeist Sessions: Two pros, from Eyeist photography portfolio reviews, take a look at a body of work from one photographer and critique it

OnSite: interviews/discussions with owners of highly-rated photographer’s sites

Showcase Portfolios (4): four photographers display and discuss their work, each in a 10-page layout, without ad interference

NeXt: Discussions with gallerists about who may be on the verge of “Breaking-out”